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Cattle Cake Feeder

Farm Service Solutions is your new Heard Boss Cake feeder dealer.These are the BOSS for truck-mounted feeders! Other than the sheer size,what sets it apart is the chain drive feed delivery system.Don't be limited to feeding dry crushed feed.Feed wet feed like:silage,brewer grain,and wet cake out of your TMR mixer.Even cotton seed-ear corn.With the 2715 model get big 41cf. 2000lb. cap.,still have room to hook up gn trailer.For bigger herds/feed needs, the 4815 model has a 78cf., 3,500lb. cap.Both models come plug-play,everything needed to hook up-go to work.2715 model,$6,950;4815 model,12” side extensions,$8,950.Really a different class of cube feeders.Come see them in person-you won’t be disappointed.Scales/trailer mount options available.Call Chris,Farm Service Solutions; visit farmservicesolutions.com;

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